Therapy Services:An Environment of Hope and Healing

Individual or group sessions

Individual Therapy

Motivated adults, teens, and children come to Susan for individual therapy sessions to deal with a wide range of internal struggles. As a skilled clinician, Susan takes an adaptive approach to each client’s needs, integrating such disciplines as psychodynamic therapy, EMDR (see EMDR page), Brain Spotting, attachment therapy, trauma recovery, mindfulness or any other focus deemed necessary. No longer does anyone need to feel alone with their experience. Close collaboration and the development of unique synergies between counselor and client are key to Susan’s success. Clients are expected to notice how their work during session integrates in their day to day lives between sessions and observe their progress.

Group Therapy and Parent Education

Susan hosts a menu of therapeutic groups that provide clients with an atmosphere of connecting, relationship, dynamic therapeutic processing, psycho-education and empathy. It is a compelling, balanced approach that continually proves effective for her clients. Her expertise and leadership as a counselor turn these sessions into a catalyst for positive, energized, and substantive change. Group members integrate their session work into their daily lives for a renewed sense of success and empowerment.

What ever might be your concerns or problems, resolution is possible. Call for an appointment!(860) 269-3104Boutique services are available,
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Circle of Security©

This Parenting Program provides a roadmap that helps caregivers more easily recognize and respond to the needs of their children.

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Open Topic Discussion Group For Teens

Develop the Life Skills to hear your own voice, to trust yourself, and to benefit from healthy relationships with others.

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Parenting Classes For Adoptive Families In Search Of Solutions

Beyond Consequences parenting classes provides strategies that help adoptive parents respond to the needs of their children with better efficacy.

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Children's Group

An opportunity for your children to learn life lessons, to discuss their experiences and develop emotional articulation.

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