Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

A dynamic holistic area of psychotherapy based on most recent knowledge of neuroscience, brain function integrated with the power of our evolutionary ability to seek wellness and resolution.

Susan is a certified EMDR clinician embracing this dynamic holistic area of psychotherapy based on the most current neuroscience fundamental to trauma recovery. EMDR enables people of all ages who have had disturbing life experiences relieve and heal the emotional distress associated with it.

With EMDR, people who have had disturbing life experiences can heal the emotional distress associated with those past events. With this exciting therapeutic method, which is grounded in the science of memory and neural information networks, Susan transforms the client’s negativity into confidence, reduces their physiological provocation, and facilitates their desire to heal naturally and organically. That’s an innate aspiration that all people have, whether they initially realize it or not, and Susan uses it very successfully

Professional studies demonstrate that with EMDR, people can start to see emotional healing much faster than with other methods, which often took many years of therapy. While Susan acknowledges that everyone works at their own pace, her work with EMDR proves that psychological distress can heal quickly and decisively, not unlike the way the physical body can recover from injuries and ailments. Susan sets the stage for her clients to identify trauma and address underlying emotional and physiologic associations with their trauma, and then works closely with the client to remove the negative effects by dealing with their past, their current lives, and their views and hopes for the future.

Results are phenomenal and the process is awe inspiring, call for an appointment!

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