Professional Development Counselor to Counselor

Strengthening psychotherapy excellence in our community

Susan’s expertise, demonstrated by her success with individual and group therapy, parent training and EMDR, is regularly sought by other therapists. Many psychotherapists working with children, teens and adults consult with Susan Engel, LCSW to help strengthen their own clinical aptitude, increase their abilities in diagnostic assessments, improve documentation and writing skills, hone attunement and listening skills, and find additional resources and referrals.

When they utilize Susan’s accomplishments as a guide, her colleagues in the field find their own counselor-client relationships strengthen, leading to more successful outcomes.

EMDR Consultant offering Individual and Group Case Consultation

Excellent weekly individual and group case consultation available to EMDR therapists. Join Ms. Engel and experience consultation that supports your experience as you encounter EMDR in your practice.

Special attention given to protocol, neuroscience, developing organizational skills and case conceptualization while supporting your individual expertise and style.

What else does Susan offer to you as a consultant? Ms. Engel works with people of all ages from 5-85 and has adapted EMDR to meet all of her clients’ needs. Susan’s consultation provides specific attention to the adaptability and flexibility required as an EMDR therapist while following the well researched protocol. Special attentiveness to what your clients report in the early phases of EMDR and how particular sensitivity to your client’s developmental history can establish an effective and efficient treatment plan, efficacy in reprocessing.

Susan provides specialized attention to your individual needs and curiosities as an EMDR therapist.

Whether you are seeking EMDR Certification or simply seek support with your practice, call for an appointment and experience energetic dialogue and diverse perspectives in the context of our collaboration.

Clinical Supervision for Masters in Social Work seeking Connecticut Clinical Licensure

Susan provides expert clinical supervision for candidates of Masters in Social Work (MSW) seeking clinical licensure. Supervision by an expert of Susan’s caliber enhances professional effectiveness exponentially. Nearly 100 percent of all candidates she has mentored have been granted their MSW licenses following the first testing.

Increase diagnostic and assessment skills, treatment planning, develop attunement with clients and broaden cultural sensitivity. Clinical supervision also includes improving professional writing skills and support in navigating not-for-profit agency settings.

Achieve your LCSW as quickly and efficiently as possible and you too will join our community in serving others.

Eager to broaden your attunement to yourself and your clients through your EMDR lens? Call for an appointment!(860) 269-3104Economical rates available.